Wool coat

1,599.00 kr2,099.00 kr incl. VAT

Introducing the coat designed with urban and adventurous dogs in mind. The 100% wool shell provides a warm shell(skin-friendly wool) with natural water- and dirt repellant properties. In combination with the lightweight mesh, this coat is great for both spring, fall and winter. Select different add-ons to further customize your pupper’s new custom-tailored wool coat! More info down below.

The Wool fabric is RWS certified.

Include measurements A, B, C, D, E, F(If your dog is a male), G and H. Measurement guide available among listing photos.

Please specify what colour you’d like for: 1) Neck, 2 ) Back, 3) Belly, 4) Zipper placket.

Items for males are sewn a bit shorter by the belly so that your pooch won’t pee on their sweater during walks. Is your dog a female or male?

Specify what breed of dog the coat(breeds if mutt) is for and how long their fur is.

‘Tail-up’ style is cut slightly shorter, recommended for dog’s who typically have their tails up high/on their back.