Fleece Raglan Sweater

399.00 kr819.00 kr incl. VAT

A classic fleece raglan sweater. Perfect to layer underneath a raincoat or simply use as-is during cold days of fall and winter. Mix and match between 41 fleece colours, longer or shorter sleeves and turtleneck.

Include measurements A, B, C, D, E, F(If your dog is a male), H and G. Measurement guide available among listing photos.

Items for males are sewn a bit shorter by the belly so that your pooch won’t pee on their sweater during walks. Is your dog a female or male?

If nothing else is discussed, if you choose the Snood with collar hole neck style, the hole will be placed at half the length of the snood. If you’d like it placed x cm from the base of the neck, please specify the measurement with the rest of the measurements above.

Please specify which colours you’d like for the: 1) Neck, 2) Back panel, 3) Belly, 4) Rib around legs, 5) Each sleeve 6) Body opening rib.

BACK OF THE SWEATER; please specify if the hole should be vertical(along the dog’s spine) or horizontal) and how many cm/inch from the base of the neck the hole should be placed on the back panel.

Specify what breed of dog the coat(breeds if mutt) is for and how long their fur is.

See chart among listing photos showing visual examples.