Faux Knit Hoodie – Mustard/Grey

519.00 kr759.00 kr incl. VAT

For all of you who loves the look of knits, but want something a little more functional for your pooch: The Mustard/Grey Faux knit hoodie! This hoodie is no longer made with the thicker strings on the hoodie, but a slightly thinner string of the same colour.


Measure your dog and indicate if your measurements are in inches or cm. You can find a measurements chart with instructions among listing gallery photos.

Male or Female * 

Items for males are sewn a bit shorter by the belly so that your pooch won’t pee on their sweater during walks. Is your dog a female or male?

Neck style * 

Length of sleeves * 

Breed * 

Specify what breed of dog the coat(breeds if mutt) is for and how long their fur is.

Harness hole add-on (+60.00 kr)

Please specify: 1) How many inches/cm from the base of the neck, down your dog’s spine the centre of the hole should be placed. 2) If the hole should be sewn vertical or horizontal, with your dog’s back being vertical.