Classic tassel collar

289.00 kr389.00 kr incl. VAT

Walk the earth consciously with our cotton rope collars. They’re made with 100% cotton rope, dyed with eco-friendly dyes and finished with cotton or hemp string. You can find details on what rope thicknesses are used for which collar sizes below, along with guidance on choosing a collar. If you’d like another rope thickness than specified below, please contact us and we’ll be happy to accommodate. If you can’t find the size you’d need, let us know and we’ll add the needed size.

The second listing photos illustrate the ‘Adjustable martingale’ upgrade with brass hardware. This collar has an extra o-ring which can be moved up and down the rope. Meaning you can adjust how much you’d like the collar to close when tightened.

Colour by the O-ring * 

Colour for the rope near the O-ring(Front).

Colour by the back * 

Colour for the rope near the neck(Back).

Hardware * 

Brass or Zinc?

Twine * 

What colour you’d like for the strings which secure the ends. You can find a colour chart among listing photos.

Martingale add-on * 

Would you like your collar to be made as a slip-collar? With an adjustable stop to prevent a choke effect? You can find a visual of this style among listing photos.