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Adventure Sleek harness – Blink Blitz

699.00 kr1,019.00 kr incl. VAT

Please include measurements A, B, C and D. Measurement chart available among listing photos.

1 D-ring is always included on the backstrap, close to the neck. For a fee, additional D-rings can be added on the belly strap(underneath the O-ring in the front) as well as a second D-ring on the backstrap.

With this add-on, the neck-straps of the harness will be made adjustable, with the type of hardware of your choice.

With this add-on the backstrap of the harness will be made a T-shape instead of the standard Y-shape(1st listing photo). Total length of backstrap will be slightly longer compared to the Y-shape.


Sleek, made-to-measure harness made to withstand dirty and wet adventures, find more detailed info on the design HERE

The 100% polyester, softshell padding is soft, dirt- and water-resistant, whereas the top thick Canvas comes with the same features. Sewn with a polyester webbing core to increase durability and stability.


Our prices reflect the different amounts of material that are needed for smaller or larger dogs. We, therefore, base our prices on the size of your pooch as everything is made-to-measure. Please measure your pooch’s chest girth(the widest part of your dog’s chest, just behind their front legs) and choose a size below accordingly.


  • Small breeds(Jack Russell, Rat Terrier, Schnauzer): 20 mm
  • Medium breeds(Staffie, Aussie, Basenji): 25 mm
  • Larger breeds(German Shepherd, Golden Retriever): 30 mm



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