Adventure Sleek Collars(all prints)

519.00 kr679.00 kr incl. VAT

The adventure sleek collar was designed for the adventurous pooch. Made with the same materials like the Adventure sleek harnesses, and Biothane collar buckle closure makes this collar a great add-on to any pooch’s wardrobe. Combine your collar order with Repellx, found HERE to make the fabric vibrant and new-looking for a long time to come.

Please browse the harness collection HERE to get visuals of all prints.


Please provide your dogs neck girth measurement(true to size). The collar will be made so that the innermost hole on the collar will be equal to this measurement when the collar is closed(buckled up). Make sure to take your dog’s fur into account if you have a very furry friend.

You can find the entire print and colour line-up in the AS harness category via the main menu. Green Tweed sold out!

Select this add-on to have your dog’s collar made as a martingale collar, instead of with buckle closure. The slip section includes a stop to prevent choking. The closed measurement of the collar(inside diameter of collar. Will be made to match the provided neck girth measurement).