Adventure Backpack

1,599.00 kr1,999.00 kr incl. VAT

Due to high demand, there’s currently a waitlist to order this backpack. Please send an email to me HERE to be added to the waitlist.

Customizable, custom-tailored and detachable dog backpacks. When designing these packs we focused on a few but very important key points. Dog’s are unique and therefore their packs should be unique too. Most mass-produced packs are more often than not far too big for a vast majority of dogs, which long-term can do more harm than good. Dog’s are not built to carry weight with their back but with their shoulders, that’s why our packs do not hang past the dog shoulder to hinder movement and are fitted as close as possible to the base of the neck to allow your pupper to carry their gear correctly.

  • Customizable: Choose between 13 colours and up to 9 for your dog’s pack.
  • Custom-tailored: Packs are fitted to hang over your dog’s shoulders, but not hang past them to hinder movement.
  • Roll-top closure: No more broken¬†zippers. The usable space within each saddlebag of the pack can also be adjusted, depending on how tightly to roll down the top of the bags.
  • Reflective tape
  • Webbing buckles up underneath your dog’s chest between each saddlebag to make sure they don’t flop around uncomfortably during walks and hikes.
  • Water- and windproof fabric: Seams are not glued but use zip-lock bags when packing to keep contents dry.

Measure between your dog’s elbow and base of the neck(chart with instructions available among listing photos)

Photo of fabric colour options, as well as a visual of what pieces of the pack you can choose colours for are among the listing photos. Please use the correct name of each colour as well as numbers(1-9) to make it clear what colour you’d like to go where on the pack.