What’s involved as a model – Terms and conditions


You can buy any item in our shop for the price of materials and shipping. There’s no limit to how many items you can buy, though all items should be for the dog/model in question. Items may be sold out for models and enthusiasts if the item in question is limited edition and the materials in stock is nearly sold out. More info if you’re not a past HP customer available down below.


Every member is invited to join our VIP facebook group. There we discuss new items, questions about existing items. Basically, everything and anything Happy Pooch related. If you do not have a facebook account you’ll be invited to a chat group on Instagram.

Your feedback, thoughts and honesty are greatly appreciated.


..of upcoming releases. You also have the perk of getting first dibs on new items, including limited edition ones.



You’ll have the opportunity to work with us to create new items that are not available in our shop. We’ve cooperated with previous models for our Adventure harness, City sleek harness and Adventure bandanas.


We acknowledge models and enthusiasts who go above and beyond for Happy Pooch. As a thank you you’ll receive freebie(s) from our shop! 


The model will be featured often via our social media channels as well as on our about page, ‘Meet our pack’ section. 


The model or enthusiast will be involved for a period of 6 months starting from when said model accept below terms. Unless otherwise stated, and if both parties are wanting to continue the contract after this period, the below terms and conditions will stand on a continuing contract:


We believe creators should always receive proper credit when their contect is shared. No matter where your puppers photos are shared, you will always be tagged/linked, and the photo will have your dog’s IG tag as a watermark in one of the corners of the photo, even if printed on thank you cards for example.   


Lots of love and appreciation. But also our unwavering support in anything and everything you need.

In return


A minimum of 3 photos of each item purchased where the dog is modelling said item. You have a lot of freedom in terms of style though we have some guidelines(Visual examples available at the bottom of this page):

  • Well exposed.
  • Each photo should be unique in its own way, in terms of perspective, surroundings etc, examples availableat the bottom of the page.
  • The model in crisp focus.
  • The photos should only feature Happy Pooch items, not any other company’s items to avoid confusion.
  • Correct white balance so that the colour of the items match how they look IRL. 
  • Please export your photos using a sRGB colour profile.
  • Minimum approx 3000-4000px if JPEG format.
  • We add a copyright tag to all photos, so deliver your photos without watermarks.

More photos are much appreciated(!), but not a must. Happy Pooch has the right to use provided photos on social media channels, shops and printed material such as business cards or ‘thank you’ cards that are included with each order. Whether the photos are in a digital or physical form, your watermark (Instagram tag) will always be included so that you are properly credited for your work.

Photos should be delivered within 2 weeks from when you’ve received your order if nothing else has been discussed


..our items via your pooch’s IG account through photography. Tagging us in a few posts and stories throughout our cooperation.


As these items are a lot more complicated to make compared to other available items(takes half a workday to make or more), expectations in regards to number of photos are 6 photos per item. 

If you’re not a recent and/or past customer of Happy Pooch your first model order will be sold to you at full price. The price difference(excluding VAT) will be added to your store credit towards future model orders.

Your pupper’s age doesn’t matter, though you yourself need to be at least 18 years old or have your parents written permission to join the team.

Directly via email(if possible, which may not be possible due to file size), WeTransfer or Dropbox. Preferably not Google drive as it will adjust the overall look of the images(hue and brightness).

Photos will be used as promotional material on our social media, as well as showcasing our products on listings on happypooch.se and in our Etsy shop. If images are to be used on printed cards(thank you-, care-, business cards…) you will be asked beforehand.

No. We only crop and add watermarks to images. If a photo needs editing(for example if it’s too dark, bright, colour correction is needed etc.) you will also always be asked beforehand or asked to make alterations. We will always make sure to confirm changes with you directly before posting.

Any information regarding our processes, practices, ideas or sources with anyone outside of Happy Pooch. Information is shared with models via different channels (including the VIP group) in confidence. If information is spread outside of the sphere that is Happy Pooch, our cooperation will be terminated.

We do not have an exclusivity clause in our contract, though I ask that you are not currently, or planning, to work with other brands that are directly competing with Happy Pooch when it comes to: Custom tailored harnesses, packs, clothes and coats.

We happily try to work something out. Life and accidents sometimes happen of course, and we acknowledge that. For example, do you have other items that you can take more photos of your dog with? If we can’t arrange for more photos of something else to be taken, or other solutions you will be asked to cover the price difference for what the items would’ve cost if purchased as a regular customer.

Feel free to reach out via email if you would need or are simply curious about the results/impact we’ve noted from our cooperation on our social media and sales.

If needed, terms are updated to clear up FAQs. If major changes are made current models & enthusiasts will be updated per email/DM to discuss.

We have the right to withdraw you from the contract anytime, without question if we find you are not abiding by the terms and condition.



Close-ups are not needed, focus on life-style shots! Though close-ups or other creative shots make perfect extras.

Wet, but clean!

Photos should show the item(s) in their original, clean, state. We won’t be able to use photos of dirty or damaged products.

Good composition, photo that can be cropped for listing, IG as well as be used for banners.

Remember to add some air around your dog, to allow for some cropping. Photos that can be cropped for both Social media and Banners in our shops are much appreciated!

Profile shot, yet the product and pupper are clearly visible, perfect!

Go for full-body and profile shots, photos of details or the product alone(with the head and legs cropped out) aren’t needed.

Harness being shown it it’s ‘natural’ habitat, exactly what a potential customer would want to see!

Have in mind the product your dog is modeling. For example a photo of your dog modeling an Adventure harness on a sofa, indoors, wouldn’t make much sense right?

Lifestyle shot

The product not necessarily the main focus but is clearly visible, perfect!

Full-body shot

Have angles in mind, here one can perfectly see the shape and fit of the Adventure harness around Koda’s ribcage.

Lifestyle shot

Experiment with different angles!

Action shot

Sharp, perfectly lit with the product visible. Love it!

Example delivery

Of what a series of three photos of the SOTV fleece blanket might look like.

SOTV blanket, part 1

Notice how the colour of the product stays true to life, even though the lighting situation is different between these three photos.

SOTV blanket, part 2

Different angle and pose.

SOTV blanket, part 3

Correct white-balance as mentioned makes sure the colour of the products matches IRL. Again, a different angle, so that each photos is different from the previous one.

Have any questions?

We’re here for you! You can always reach me, Maja, via email and IG/FB DMs and I’ll help however possible. There’s no such thing as a stupid question, reach out and let’s chat! 👋